Travel Safety Promotion

To meet the needs of the epidemic, visitors should wear masks, wash their hands frequently, and measure their body temperature when entering the park. Those with fever are not allowed to enter the park. Thanks for your cooperation!

In addition, in order to enhance the safety of tourists in the park, the park has strengthened the independent health management of the frontline service personnel (the service personnel take the temperature measurement before duty, wear masks, wash their hands frequently, etc.). If there are suspected symptoms, they will be suspended immediately. And other measures); and regularly handle environmental cleaning and disinfection of all scenic spots and facilities in the park, and increase the frequency of environmental cleaning and disinfection.

In response to the 110th annual tourism safety promotion by the Tourism Bureau, tourists can call the park’s dedicated consumer service line or the national consumer insurance line (1950) if there is a consumption dispute in the tourism and entertainment industry; and please make more use of the public transportation system to enter the park, which can reduce carbon and convenient. I wish tourists a happy trip and return home safely