Travel Safety Promotion

1. Publicity on epidemic prevention: Visitors entering the park should wear masks, wash their hands frequently, and cooperate with taking body temperature. Those with fever are not allowed to enter. 2. Anti-epidemic measures in the park:
(1) Use websites, social media (such as Facebook, etc.), station broadcasts, electronic signboards, LED marquees, and posters to promote social distancing and epidemic prevention information.
(2) Implement autonomous health management of front-line service personnel, including taking body temperature before duty, wearing masks, and washing hands frequently. If there are suspected symptoms, they should immediately stop work for medical treatment and quarantine treatment.
(3) At the scenic spots and the amusement facilities of theme parks, regularly organize and disinfect the environment, and increase the frequency of environmental cleaning and disinfection for the places where tourists often contact, at least 6 times on weekdays and at least 8 times on holidays (including consecutive holidays), such as buttons , Power switches, door handles, handrails, toilet faucets and toilets, amusement facilities and other environmental facilities.

For the facilities of the park, please follow the relevant regulations on the safety instructions of the designated person and the instructions on the use of the on-site facilities.

In case of consumption disputes in the tourism and entertainment industry, please call the park’s exclusive consumer service line or the national consumer protection line (1950).

Make more use of the public transportation system to enter the park, reduce carbon and facilitate, travel happily and return home safely.