Information for Visitors

一、Park Info:

(一)Friends of all sizes who are interested in religious culture, leisure and sightseeing, and vegetable food are welcome to visit this park. In order to ensure the quality of service and avoid environmental impact, site surveys and experience activities are made by appointment one week in advance.

(二)For your safety, please comply with the safety requirements of various facilities, and children must be accompanied by adults when using them. Some physical fitness facilities are not allowed to be used by people with height, weight or the elderly, pregnant women, patients with cardiovascular diseases, and bone abnormalities. Please follow the on-site facility announcements. If the weather is bad or other force majeure factors (such as typhoons, power outages, etc.) may be closed, please pay attention to the ticket office and official website announcements.

二、Park Hours:

Wednesday ~ Sunday 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. If you need to leave the venue over time, please contact the park office first. After the completion of the operation of the park, the site will be cleared, and no stay in the park will be allowed.

三、Ticket Specification:

(一)Appointment and deposit
1、All activities will be settled in cash on the day.
2、 The deposit is paid within one week after the reservation is registered. The reservation is based on NT$100 per person. If the deposit is not paid, the park has the right to cancel the reservation. Except for the typhoon (the Miaoli County government announced the suspension of work and class), it can be postponed, and the rest cannot be refunded. Deposit; if you need to postpone, please inform at the latest three days before the event.
※On national holidays, the deposit must be paid within three days after the appointment is registered.
3、The deposit can be paid in the following ways:
(1)Come directly to the park to pay cash。
(2)Please call the park bank and post office remittance account (After remittance, please indicate the event date, group name, contact person, and telephone number to facilitate verification。
(3)Please call the ATM in the park for transfer; the last 5 digits of the transfer account must be attached, and the event date, group name, contact person, and telephone number should be indicated for verification。
4、The park is not barrier-free space, and most of it is hillside terrain. If there is mobility impairment, two wheelchairs are provided, which can be borrowed for free (deposit $NTD 500)。

(二)Tickets sold are not refundable. If the ticket is lost, it will not be reissued.

(三)The amount of tickets for this park can be used for consumption in the shopping streets of the park.

(四)According to regulations, the park is insured (Public Accident Liability Insurance) NT$3 million for each tourist who purchases tickets, and the insurance fee is included in the ticket price. Park consumer service line (037)740373#71
National Consumer Service Line: 1950. If there are other unmentioned matters, please refer to the on-site announcement of the park as the standard。

(五)Entry into this park is valid only once on the same day. If you need to leave and re-enter on the same day, please go to the ticket gate, and the service staff will register the car number and the number of people (stamped on the back of the hand) before you can re-enter the park.

(六)In order to maintain the safety of tourists, the quality of the park, and respond to the government’s energy saving and carbon reduction, the park implements lane separation control for people and vehicles. All vehicles are parked in the square in front of the gate control station (free of charge, approximately 50 cars or 20 tour buses can be parked) ).

(七)In the event of an emergency, abnormal situation in the park, or the park’s business interruption for some reason, when tourists need to be evacuated out of the park, the ticket purchaser may go to the park within seven days to request a refund of the tickets and the fare for uncompleted rides on the amusement facilities.

四、Facility Specifications:

(一)When tourists use the facilities and cause damage due to violation of instructions, prohibition signs, or instructions of management personnel, except for the violation of Article 7 Paragraph 1 or 2 of the Consumer Protection Law, the park lacks the attention of good managers Except for obligations, no liability for compensation.

(二)The tourism and amusement industry service items specified in this contract do not include the facilities and services that have been announced for maintenance.

(三)If all the facilities and services of the tourism and amusement industry service items stipulated in this contract cannot be provided, the tourist may terminate the contract and request a refund of all expenses; it is attributable to the park and may request compensation.

(四)If part of the facilities and services of the tourism and amusement industry service items specified in this contract cannot be provided, the park shall take into account the proportion of the services that cannot be provided or the time of entering the park, and refund part of the cost; if it is attributable to the park, the tourists shall have the same Ask for compensation.

(五)The park shall use cash as the return and compensation for the third and fourth expenses. However, with the consent of the tourist, it can be replaced by goods of equivalent value, gift certificates or services.

(六)Visitors within the scope of the park, if an accident occurs or an accident occurs, please notify the service personnel of the park to assist in ambulance or medical treatment, so that the park can assist in ambulance or medical treatment. Anyone who violates the preceding paragraph and causes damage to tourists in this park shall be liable for compensation. This park is an open space, you should pay attention to the problem of mosquito bites, please take self-protection measures.

五、Prohibited Matters:

(一)After entering the park, tourists who leave the park for personal reasons or who cannot accept the amusement services stipulated in this contract shall not request a refund.

(二)It is not easy to plant flowers and trees in this park, so please do not step on it.

(三)The following items are prohibited from being brought into the park. Once found, the park may ask them to leave the park, and the fees paid will not be refunded.

1、Meat food, cigarettes, alcoholic beverages, chewing gum, and betel nuts enter the park.

2、Glass containers, barbecue utensils, gas cooking utensils and dangerous or flammable materials, as well as other dangerous items such as prohibited or listed items stipulated by law.

3、Bicycles, scooters, scooters, electric balance bikes, inline wheels, flying equipment and other similar equipment.

4、Slogans, flags, billboards and other objects with advertising effects are not limited to those approved by the park.

5、Any insects, animals, pets. However, those with visual impairment are not limited to guide puppies accompanied by qualified guide dogs or professional guide dog trainers during the training.

6、Other matters prohibited by the announcement of this park.

(四)Maintain Public Safety and Tourist Rights:

1、Use self-provided karaoke and other audio equipment, amplifying equipment and lighting, and avoid loud noises that affect peace.

2、It is forbidden to cause pollution by gas (water) balls, and to engage in any related activities such as casting, splashing dust, arbitrarily setting off firecrackers, pyrotechnics, fire throwing, sky lanterns, etc. If any suspected dangerous or flammable material is found, tourists must be asked to clarify and Provide inspection. Those who refuse to be inspected shall be deemed to be carrying dangerous goods. The park may refuse to enter the park and notify the police if necessary. Activities in the campfire area should be carried out in accordance with the campfire rules.

3、People who are not permitted by the park are not allowed to climb the facilities and equipment of the park and enter the places in the park that are not accessible to the public. If found, the park may refuse to enter the park and notify the police if necessary.

4、Visitors should use the facilities and equipment in accordance with the labeling regulations or methods, and must not start, close, occupy, destroy, damage, interfere or move without authorization. And accept the prompts and service arrangements of on-site service personnel to prevent accidents.

六、Lost Property Disposal:

(一)The lockers in this park are for temporary use only. The park is not responsible for custody or compensation for loss. Please keep your valuables by yourself.

(二)When a tourist claims a lost property, he must be able to prove that he is the owner of the lost property. If the claimant is not the owner, the claimant must hold his and the owner’s ID card before he can go through the procedures for recovering the lost property.

(三)If the lost property is a valuable item or a named securities, it must be retrieved by the owner in person. The park does not assume the responsibility of custody.

(四)The owner is requested to go through the procedures for reclaiming the lost property before the expiration of the announced collection period (within six months after it is found). Any unclaimed property within the time limit will be handled in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Civil Law.

(五)For information about lost property, please go to the latest news on the official website [Announcement of Lost Property List] for inquiries.

(六)If you have any questions about the lost property, please contact the service desk of the park or call customer service(037)740373#71。

七、Something Else:

(一)Tourists who commit any of the following behaviors will be stopped by the park, and they may be persuaded to leave or report to the police. The fees paid are not refundable. If damages to the park or a third party are caused, they shall be liable for legal and other related matters. responsibility:

1、Engage in acts that may endanger the safety of oneself and others, or damage the facilities and equipment of the park。

2、Distribute or post promotional materials, sound recordings, video recordings, teaching or other commercial activities without permission.

3、Other acts that affect, hinder others, or violate this notice, announcements of the park, and other relevant laws and regulations.

(二)Matters not covered in this contract are subject to other relevant laws and regulations. This notice shall take effect from the date of announcement, and the same shall apply when amended.